Appalachia Community Cancer Network

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The Appalachia Community Cancer Network (ACCN), one of 23 Community Networks Program (CNP) Centers funded by the National Cancer Institute, conducts community-based participatory research, outreach, and training activities in underserved communities throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

ACCN Team:

As part of the ACCN team of community and academic partners, the West Virginia University Cancer Institute collaborates with the University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Virginia Tech to combat the cancer burden that disproportionately affects residents of rural areas.

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Four Core Program Areas:

The ACCN works through four core program areas: an Administrative Core, a Research Program, a Community Outreach Program, and a Training Program to reduce cancer health disparities.

The project utilizes a local community advisory board and focuses on cervical, colorectal, and lung cancers, as well as cancer risk factors such as physical inactivity and obesity. ACCN is also working to incorporate new topic areas such as clinical trials and biospecimens into community education and outreach activities.

Twenty Years of Service to Appalachia:

Since its origin in 1992 as the Appalachia Leadership Initiative on Cancer, ACCN is the fourth generation of NCI-funded efforts at the Cancer Center to work with Appalachian communities. Unlike other cancer disparity programs that solely focus on racial and ethnic indicators, ACCN is unique in that it recognizes the disparities related to lack of access to services, socioeconomic status, education, literacy, and cultural issues.

For more information about ACCN:
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